Let us introduce our amazing and fantastic

Jeff,  Julie, Veronika, Jackson, Sabrina, Maria & Anna are your team.
We extend a warm welcome you all and to this magical week the Rhythm of Life Tour. We are here to help you with signing on, bookings, and to give tips & advice if needed.

24th - 31th of July  swe / eng
7th - 14th of August  ger / eng
28th of August - 4th of September  eng

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The Rhythm of Life Tour (which is a branch within the Academy of Excellence) has just celebrated its second year in Marholmen, Sweden 2019.  On the back of this great success, we have decided that the (RLT) will return back to its roots, which is Cardiff - the Capital of Wales - for 2021!  
This is exciting news because the “RLT” is coming back Home to where it all began some fifteen years ago! 

The Rhythm of Life Tour is a Residential Week. The week consists of Education,Training and Development within all aspects of Mediumship. Jeff Jones has carefully selected a Team of Teachers, Lecturers, Mediums for the week.  Each of them specialises within their own expertise and we know that they will bring knowledge and experience which can only enrich and inspire you.

Within our carefully planned Programme, we have given a lot of thought with regards to the Beginner up to the Graduate therefore we feel that there is something for everyone, whatever your level of Development may be!  
So all are Welcome! 

Although the week revolves around the Phenomena of Mediumship and Healing, there is still a varied range of topics for everyone to embrace, which will give each individual a wealth of experience, so that everyone can go home with their very own "Treasure chest" which we hope will be etched upon the Soul’s Memory!

Here you can read more about WHAT this fantastic week offers:

The weeks program will be split into three levels. 

Level 1) Our education program will start every morning at 10 am to 2pm. There will be lectures, workshops, training and development taken by experienced and qualified Welsh Mediums/Teachers.  (Every day a new Teacher)

Level 2) The afternoons will be used as free time. So from approximately 2pm to 6pm all our guests will have some free time to explore Wales’s architecture, coastlines amongst the many other attractions that are available to see within and around the city!

Level 3)  As part of our week’s program, we will take four of the evenings to work.  These evenings are designed to give our guests, colleagues, an opportunity to work with their Mediumship upon our Church Platforms. 

Please note that the program is to be set, and is not officially decided yet!

The first evening we will attend a Divine Service at Park Grove First Spiritualist Church.  
Our second evening will be a Clairvoyant Evening - taken by Jeff Jones and Swedish/Welsh Guests to give a demonstration of Mediumship with the Public.

Our third evening is an evening of Physical Mediumship with Physical Medium Carol Ellis at Park Grove First Spiritualist Church.  
Our fourth evening will be at Buttrills Road Spiritualist Church in Barry, The Vale of Glamorgan. This evening will be a Clairvoyant Evening - taken by Jeff Jones, Swedish/Welsh Guests to give a demonstration of Mediumship with the Public.  

Most evenings will commence 6.30pm/7.30 pm

Day program
This is the planned program for the english week

  • Saturday the 28th of August                                                                                Travel day
  • Sunday the 29th of August                                                                                Program 10 am - 2 pm  Medium Carol Ellis
  • Monday the 30th of August                                                                             Program 10 am - 2 pm  Medium Anthony Leeson
  • Tuesday the 31th of August                                                                             Program 10 am - 2 pm  Medium Margaret Challenger
  • Wednesday the 1st of September                                                                Program 10 am - 2 pm  Medium Marie Newman
  • Thuresday the 2nd of September                                                                 Program 10 am - 2 pm  Medium Jeff Jones
  • Friday the 3rd of September                                                                            Program 10 am - 2 pm Medium Lyn Hopkins
  • Saturdaydag the 4 th of September                                                                               Travelday

Afternoon program

(Once again this schedule is optional)
It is scheduled that all lessons will finish at 2pm approximately and this will give all our guest some free/time hours to explore Cardiff City and its attractions

Evening program

(Once again, the evening activities are optional)
Most events will commence at 6.30pm/7.30pm
When the times are confirmed, it is of outmost importance that everybody are there and seated

Please note that the program for 6th - 13th of June is to be set, and is not officially decided yet!

  • Sunday                                                                                                                                        Divene service at Park Grove First Spiritual Church, Cardiff      Optional, not arranged by RLT                                                                                  6pm prompt
  • Monday                                                                                                                                         An evening of mediumship with Jeff Jones and Swedish/English  guests At Park Grove First Spiritualist Church, Cardiff                            7pm prompt
  • Tuesday                                                                                                                                    An evening of Physical Mediumship with Carol Ellis Medium                    At Park Grove First Spiritualist Church, Cardiff                                              (This evening will start at 6.30 PROMPT)                                                                (we must adhere to the protocol)   
  • Wednesday                                                                                                                           An evening Demonstration of Mediumship at Buttrills Road Spiritualist Church Barry with Jeff Jones and Swedish/Welsh        guests at Barry 
  • Thursday                                                                                                                                  An open circle at Park Grove First Spiritualist Church                             with Swedish/Welsh guests
  • Friday                                                                                                                                  Party night!                                                                                                        Information and time is to be announced.                                                          The theme is anything "Ruby"

Teachers & Lecturers

With regards to our teachers and lecturers, we will continue to share information with you so you will be able to have an understanding of who they are and what there work is about.

The Rhythm of Life

 Jeff Jones - CEO  The Academy of Excellence.
Jeff, through his extraordinary work as a professional Spiritual Consultant/Medium, it has naturally placed him on an international platform for over thirty years.

During those years, Jeff has been invited into eleven different countries where he has been able to demonstrate his incredible Mediumship along with Teaching and lecturing upon the subject of the phenomena of mediumship.
Jeff has more than 50 years of experience and he is one of the most respected mediums of our times which means he is one of the most sought-after Medium/Teachers in all Europe.

More information about Jeff; jeffjones.se

Julie Jones
- Is a Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Specialist, currently teaching Psychology at Cardiff University.  
Julie has over twenty-five years on an International platform as a Medium, Healer ,Teacher & Author. 

Her unique method of combining Psychology and mediumship brings all her clients change, hope, healing and most of all new prospective in how to maintain change!

Julie teaches all the Academy's students - Psychology into Mediumship, her work involves creating bridges between the psyche and mediumistic potential along basic counselling skills in how to keep safe within your own sensitivity.

More information about Julie; The Academy of Excellence

Veronika Lundholm - Interpreter
Retreat Hostess / Office Manager

Veronika Lundholm is The Academy's Office Manager and she is readily available to take your calls and answer any questions you may have.

She is a certified medium, as well as a Healer and Teaching Assistant in development, but during the week of the Rhythm of Life, Veronika is our interpreter and hostess, and will be available to help and advise you with any issues that may occur!