Register today to secure your participation at Summer Retreat 2020! 

As soon as we recieved your registration we will send out a confirmation and invoice for the registration fee which iss 2000 SEK.

Booking form, terms and conditions:

The Rhythm of Life - Summer Retreat 2020


I would like to book a place on The Rhythm of Life - Summer Retreat 23 - 30 of May  or 6 - 13 of June 2020 in Cardiff, Wales.  I am aware that my registration is legally binding and that the participation fee includes accommodation at the hotel Jurys Inn incl. breakfast as well as lectures and evening activities in the churches and transport to these.

We have decided to use Jurys Inn because of it prime location! You are truly right in the main shopping center surrounded by Restaurants, Bars, and of course, great shopping!
We have decided to choose Bed & Breakfast for you and the reason for this is you will have the freedom and  opportunity to eat out and experience the
"City Night Life" within the many great Restaurants or Bars of your choice! 

You have the choice between sharing a double room or paying for a single room of your own.
If you have a specific friend you would like to share your room with, please fill it in the Registration Form.

If you, by choice, would like to share a Double Room with another guest/participant or if you are travelling alone, we will do our very best to
place you in a room with someone of the same sex and possible similar age.

We do remind you that, if this shows not to be possible, The Rhythm of Life Tour will have to place you in a single room and with the cost that this entails.

Do you have any special dietary needs? Do you suffer with any allergies or health issues? Do you have any disability, whereby you will require specially adapted premises / accommodation etc? Please let us know by filling in your information on the booking form.

Each guest needs to arrange their travel back and forth to Cardiff.   We will give tips and information in the Booking Confirmation, which you also can find here on the web-page.  We can recommend many different alternatives, and of course, we are here to help you if needed in every way possible.
For more help, please follow this link: Tips & Advice

Don't forget to make sure you have a valid passport for your travels.

All of your payments must be with us by 10/4/2020 at the latest.  This includes a booking fee of 2000 SEK.

Do you want down payment?
We offer a downpayment without extra charge where we divide the total cost (except for the booking fee) equally per month left to the occasion.
However all payments must be with us 30/4/2020 at the latest.

The booking fee must be payed within 10 days from receiving your booking confirmation, for your registration to be complete.
The booking fee is not refundable.

The course fee is not refundable  if cancellation takes place with less than 6 weeks notice.

By the fact that we are going in to the churches during our evening activities, we need to know if are you prepared to demonstrate mediumship on a shared platform with an experienced teacher, and therfore ask you to answer the question in the registration form.

We are aware of the fact that it is a very busy schedule/program, and would  therefore like to have your opinion if you would prefer to have one free day and possibility for outings, arranged or by yourself?
We ask you to answer the question in the registration form.

Please note:

  1. That ( RLT)  Evening program is optional! 
  2. The Academy of Excellence reserves the right to change the program and its Teachers.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse anyone.
  4. We have a very strict Alcohol procedure, and we ask you to please read our policy / disclamer very carefully and approve of it in the registration form.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You can follow this link to have access and to read our policy disclamer for the summer school.                                                                 Disclamer

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