The Rhythm of Life Tour

             CARDIFF - WALES

Out of natural reasons due to the situation of COVID-19 it isn’t possible to arrange events with physical meetings, nor to ask our guest to fly and travel during these cirumstances.
Therefore we have canceled  the english week, 28th of Aug - 4th of Sep and all new planning and updates until the situation has been stabilized.

We do want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to soon being able to meet up again!


Hello to all our dear friends,

The Academy of Excellence would like to take this opportunity by us extending a very warm welcome to all our friends and as specially to all our new friends who have just joined us.

It was with much sadness that we had to make that final decision not to go ahead with our Summer week in May 2020. We know many of you were incredibly sad that you could not be with us, however, we thank you for your understanding and your loyal support.

We are coming back to you with good news, we can now see sunshine on the horizon! Yes, we have now secured new dates for 2021.

Therefore, we can now further extend our hearts and friendship by offering you all an invitation to come and join us on the Rhythm of Life Tour 2021 which will be held in Cardiff, the Capital of Wales.  

As you all know, our “Spiritual Summer Retreats” are extremely popular indeed and therefore to have a place with us on this exciting visit to Wales, Early booking is highly recommended.

We have chosen Cardiff by popular demand! By holding the (RLT) The Rhythm of Life Tour (summer Retreat) back in Wales means, we are coming back home to where it all started some 20 years ago right in the very heart of Cardiff Wales and we know that many of you still hold even today, some very fond memories!

I know that many of you who joined us in the early days, are longing to come back and do it all again! To bathe in this ancient Celtic history & Power can only offer you all one thing and that is, true Spiritual Healing and togetherness.
Wales will once again open its hearts & doors to welcome you all!
You are most welcome, and I know that the weeks that we have arranged for you in 2021 will bring you some more new and exciting experiences that will once again be etched in your hearts.


What is The Rythm of Life?

The Rhythm of Life Tour was founded more then 15 years ago by the international medium Jeff Jones, who is also the founder of The Academy of Excellence. The RLT focus is placed upon bringing all Spiritually  like minded people together from all walks of life.

This unique week will allows us all to celebrate our Spirituality, Uniqueness and most of all our true Individuality.

Summer Retreat 24 - 31 of July 2021 Swe / Eng
Summer Retreat 7 - 14 of August 2021 Ger / Eng
Summer Retreat 28 of August - 4 September 2021 Eng

The Rhythm of Life Tour is celebrating yet another year of success.  After 2019, it has proven that bringing back the summer school week, after so many years, is applauded by many of our old and new friends/guests.

The Academy of Excellence is now happy to present The Rhythm of Life -  Summer Retreat 2021!

The Summer weeks will be held right in the very heart of the magical city Centre of Cardiff, which is the Capital City of Wales.

We have decided to offer three separate weeks.  The first week will take place from: 24th - 31st of July 2021. This is a Swedish/English week.  To participate on this week, you will require a comprehension of one of these languages.
A Swedish translater will be provided by The Rhythm of Life Tour.

The second week is a German/English. The week will take place from: 7th - 14th of August 2021. To participate on this week, you will require a comprehension of one of these languages.
A German translater will be provided by The Rhythm of Life Tour.

Our third week is the English week. This week will take place from: 28th of August - 4th of September 2021. To participate on this week, you will require a full comprehension of the english language.

Why Wales? 

Wales is known as the land of song! It is steeped in an old spiritual Celtic power and energy.  We do believe this is why Wales hosts some of the finest Mediums in the world!! 

Wales’s unique geography has created walkable green landscapes, from mountains to coast via ancient woodland, lakes and rivers – and over 4,000 sq. km of National Park. Dolphins, Puffins and Red kites all call Wales home.

Cardiff is one of the UK’s top ten retail locations, while Cardiff Bay’s Bar's and Restaurants make for a vibrant leisure destination.

We hope that Wales will whisper to your soul, so that you and your Family and friends will come and join us and your soul ancestry? By booking your place early with us, it will give you  a secure place because places are limited!! 

We know from past “summer schools” Wales will give all our Guests an enormous experience.  Each individual can, at certain times, link into a past life experience, knowledge etc. 

The week will offer everyone an opportunity to write a new chapter within their own Personal/ Spiritual book of life!  We know that Wales can only fill your appetite with a love that will feed your soul with an enormous joy and excitement. Most importantly lots of new impressions and experiences through the power of love & spirit.



The Team has taken a considerable amount of time within the careful planning to create an exciting “summer school”  We hope that The Rhythm of Life Tour, will give all our guests a well balanced week which in turn, will give everyone an opportunity to enjoy Wales and our summer school. 

We want everyone to take the opportunity to expand their potential within all experiences provided for them.

The (RTL) has tried very hard to find the correct balance between the different teachers, lecturers and workshops,  in the hope that each individual will be inspired within their own abilities.