The Rhythm of Life Tour 2019


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What is The Rythm of Life?

The Rhythm of Life Tour has celebrated many years of success and its focus is placed upon bringing all spiritual like minded people from all walks of life together.

The week allows us to celebrate our Spirituality, Uniqueness and most of all our true Individuality.

Summer Retreat 2019
6-13 july

The Rhythm of Life tour- spiritual Summer Retreat 2018 is a branch within The Academy of Excellence. 

The Summer Retreat is held at the summer paradise Marholmen. It is an island in the very heart of the beautiful archipelago of Roslagen

The island is a paradise and is surrounded by sea and deep forests - the perfect place for taking a timeout from your everyday living.  

The ambiance of Marholmen along with its special energy will allow your soul to find its own rhythm within the healing and vibration of Nature.

During this incredible week of spiritual togetherness everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the various lectures and workshops within various themes that have been so carefully designed to inspire those who are thirsting for new experiences and knowledge.

The lecturers will be offering one-one private sessions throughout  the week and everyone will have the opportunity to book a private session at the Retreat.

In between the scheduled lectures, workshops, private sessions everyone can take time out to allow themselves time for inner reflection.

The week will offer everyone  to come together on some evenings so that we can share our joy and have lots of fun - the friendships made through social activities are equally important to us.

If you are looking for a summer holiday with a difference, then this week could just be that... 

Don't miss your chance to come and join us on this incredible spiritual Summer Retreat!

More infomation about Marholmen and the lodge 


The Academy of Excellence is working along with their guest lectures, in a complete holistic approach into their, coaching, training and development.  

This year's program offers everyone “something” The week has a varied range of topics along with in depth lectures and workshops.

The subject matter has a complete focus upon  personal/spiritual and mediumistic development.  

The Program:

  • Physical Mediumship
  • Trans Mediumship
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psychology into Mediumship
  • Seans
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Mental mediumship